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Pentax Optio 50L: "Simple" mode says it all

Marc Perton

optio 50lThe Optio 50L isn't going to do a whole lot to enhance Pentax's status among prosumers, though it might further endear the brand to budget shooters. The point-and-shoot includes a 5 megapixel CCD (which seems to be the new low end), a 2.5-inch LCD (ditto), a 3x optical zoom, and a "Simple" mode for quick and easy shooting. To be frank, there's nothing particularly wrong with this camera; it's got all the basic features you'd expect on a consumer point-and-shoot (except for a pathetic 320x240 movie mode), but it hardly breaks any new ground, and reminds us more of something we'd see rushed out of a Chinese ODM factory than from an established brand like Pentax. At least it's cheap: it's listed in some European shops at €183 ($216), which seems about right for a camera like this.

[Thanks, Daniel]

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