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Random thoughts on cable, satellite and OTA

Kevin C. Tofel

They all come from an interesting article published in USA Today today. (Is there an echo? echo?) Here are some random bites from it and some random thoughts on my part:

  • 82% of American households are served by cable or satellite, but both providers are struggling to upsell additional services like digital cable. Maybe you need something more innovative?
  • Why are we reallying paying more for additional channels that have the same crap on? I have 9 HBOs; how about making just ONE good HBO channel, in HD of course?
  • New MPEG-4 receivers are coming from DIRECTV and Dish. Why do I have to pay for a new receiver that will let me receive more crappy channels?
  • 40% of cable subscribers pay an additional $12 per month for digital cable. Weren't some of you just saying we pay for content and not format? Cable companies seem to disagree.
  • 93 channels are available to the average household, but Nielsen studies show that viewers spend 10 or more minutes on 15 channels per week. Perhaps that USDTV deal isn't a a bad idea.
The broad article is actually one of the better ones I've recently read on the DTV industry; give it a read and come back here to share your random thoughts.


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