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TaxCut for Macintosh No More

Damien Barrett

H&R Block has decided not to make a Mac-compatible version of TaxCut for 2005. I've been successfully using Intuit's TurboTax (previously MacinTax) for years, but I'm still disappointed that another manufacturer has decided to abandon the Mac platform. Perhaps it wouldn't matter so much if the web-based tax software tools worked as advertised. The only year I attempted to use a web-based tax software tool was 2003 and quickly abandoned it in favor of the more robust and easier-to-use application software.

Their emailed response to my inquiry about a Mac version for 2005 was:

Thank you for contacting H&R Block Customer Service.

We appreciate your interest in pre-ordering your TaxCut software for 2005. Unfortunately, TaxCut is not offering Macintosh-compatible desktop software for your 2005 taxes.  We encourage you to try one of our Web-based online tax solutions at

If you have further questions or concerns, please "reply" to this e-mail.  H&R Block values you as a TaxCut customer and looks forward to serving as your tax and financial partner in the future.

Tyler S
H&R Block Customer Service Team

If you'd like, you can send some feedback to TaxCut using this URL. If you do, please be polite.


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