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Palm CEO Ed Colligan says they're sticking with the Palm OS

Peter Rojas
Palm logo Ed Colligan

Not sure why it took them this long to, well, just come out and freaking say it, but Palm CEO Ed Colligan (pictured right) sent out an email to developers yesterday reassuring them that the company is fully committed to the Palm operating system and that the move to Windows Mobile is about "growing the Treo market," not walking away from "existing products or technology partnerships, like Palm OS." Good news for Palm fans (like us) who were a little nervous that this past September's announcement meant the end of Palm-powered Treos, but what no one at Palm has been willing to confirm is exactly what version of the Palm OS they'll be working with — will it be the new Linux-based version PalmSource/Access is working on, or will they continue to run Palm OS 5 Garnet into the ground? We seriously hope it's the former rather than the latter — our Treo 650 totally crapped out, yet again, even while writing this post.

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