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The Darwin VII block tasting robot runs on 20,000 brain cells

Darwin VII

Well, it's easy to see that robots are on the right track here in the US. Not only have we gotten them to recklessly drive our SUVees through the desert for us, but some Neurosciences Institute fellows in California have built a robot that loves nothing more than rolling around on the floor tasting blocks, and preferring striped ones. Named Darwin VII, the robot is designed without any pre-programmed instructions, and is instead modeled after a biological organism, learning on its own however is best for it to survive in its environment, or in this case: how to find striped blocks. Its mind is powered by a computer cluster that simulates 20,000 brain cells, and the little trashcan-on-wheels is equipped with a camera, a gripper, microphones, and conductivity sensors for "tasting" those yummy yummy cubes of joy.

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