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The iCel battery pack runs your iPod for up to 200 hours

iCel battery pack

Sure, your piddling iPod battery might make it through a commute or two, but how about a cross country road trip? And back? Well, Lithium House has just what the doctor ordered with their iCel external battery packs for the iPod, coming in 50, 96, and 200 hour varieties. (Ok, so this road trip of yours probably won't involve a lot of sleeping.) Sadly, you're not going to be charging up any 5G iPods with this thing, it's a Firewire only affair, and those shiny newcomers only support USB — we guess you'll just have to console yourself by watching Thriller for the 904th and 905th times, while softly petting the nearly scratch free black surface of your new iPod. Forget all that.

[Via TUAW]

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