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Unwired WiMax PC Card reviewed

Marc Perton

unwired wimax cardThe future is here. Er, actually, it's in Australia. Sydney, to be precise. If you live in the Sydney environs, and are willing to shell out AU$349 ($255), plus AU$55 per month for a data plan, you can now get a WiMax card for your laptop, along with access to a pre-WiMax network that offers speeds you're not going to get from most other wireless networks (other than EV-DO, which costs much more in Australia). APC Magazine took a look at the card, and tested it on Unwired's network, and came away impressed with the speed of 750Kbit/s, which allowed them to reliably use Skype, download large files and get a clear, reliable, relatively latency free signal throughout the coverage area. Of course, that coverage area is pretty limited, so don't rush out and buy one of these just yet, unless, that is, you can look out your window and see the Opera House.

[Via Slashdot]

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