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GalleryPlayer turns your HDTV into a canvas

Kevin C. Tofel

You've ponied up your dough and you've got that nice big HDTV set you always wanted. Content is a little light in the HD area, so you're looking to use the television in new ways. Sure, gaming is one obvious choice, but suppose you want to display some awesome artwork in high-def? One option is the Roku PhotoBridge HD with Art Pack that we previously reviewed, but GalleryPlayer is new option that use equipment you already have.

GalleryPlayer has access to tons of classic photos from various sources, such as National Geographic, Time LIFE, the New York Times and more. If you have a PC equipped with an HD-capable display, you can register for a free trial of the GalleryPlayer service. GalleryPlayer is working with cable and satellite providers to get the high-def canvas to your bigger screen, so stay tuned to your local provider for more info.

Is there a need for these additional HDTV uses? Would you consider using your high-def set to display high resolution pictures? Is this something you're already doing and if so, how?


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