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M-Audio's $180 Podcast Factory


M-Audio Podcast FactorySo you want to break into the podcast biz huh? Maybe rock Engadget from its coveted position on the iTunes charts? Well, to get started you're going to need some gear to capture that lovely voice of yours and get it all ready for uploading on the internets, and M-Audio has just the crap solution to do it with: The Podcast Factory. They've combined a cheap USB 2 x 2 audio interface (24-bit/48kHz) with an even cheaper microphone and stand, and are bundling it with the open source, freeware Audacity audio editing software. For $200 $180 you could probably find a better deal, and better components, by just piecing this together yourself, but don't let us stand in the way of your future stardom.

[Via Harmony Central]

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