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Mark Rein to consider Unreal Engine 3 for Revolution

Ross Miller

Mark Rein (225)Epic's VP Mark Rein is known for his opinions, and today he tries to clarify one of his most explosive. As we have covered before, Rein alluded to some games for the Revolution destined to be 'gimmicky' - a fair assessment, but in the wrong context can sound awfully hateful (especially since, at that time, he had never used the Revolution controller). Yesterday, Jim Merrick responded by offering Rein a Revolution dev kit.

Speaking to Eurogamer, Rein mentioned that, after reading the Merrick interview, he called up Nintendo of Europe's senior VP of marketing and "had a long, very good chat." Rein confirmed that he asked for a Revolution dev kit - not committing to making games, mind you, but that he and his company will consider it. Rein actually goes so far as to suggest that "Unreal Engine 3 and Nintendo Revolution would be very well suited to each other."

Believing statements that Nintendo's upcoming console will be close to its competitors, in terms of technology, does that mean we will see some beautiful Unreal graphics on the Revolution? Stranger things have happened, and Mark Rein is not a man to look past a potential source of income.

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