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Logitech Harmony universal remote for Xbox 360

Marc Perton

logitech harmony 360Ready for the impending onslaught of Xbox 360 accessories? You'd better be, because ready or not, they're going to be unavoidable this holiday season. One that you might actually use, if you decide to try out any of the 360's non-gaming functions (one can only frag so much, after all), is Logitech's Harmony 360 universal remote. According to Logitech, the unit can be configured to control as many as 12 home entertainment devices in addition to the Xbox 360, and is programmed for 360 control out of the box. Of course, at $100 (after a $30 rebate), this is a little more expensive than your typical remote, but doesn't your 360 deserve the best?

[Thanks, Dave]

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