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Cellphone Bandit brought in

Ryan Block, @ryan
Cellphone Bandit

Of course we'd like to attribute it to the power of Engadget's far-reaching audience (and the private P.I. firm Peter and I run on the side) that the Cellphone Bandit we wrote about last week got picked up, but it's hard to deny the stupidity of suspect Candice Martinez, the 19-year old who was filmed allegedly robbing banks while talking on her phone each time. Disappointingly, however, the final break in the case didn't come from tapping the cellphone networks or advanced tracking techniques — they happened to have just gotten her in a car with plates the FBI'd been looking for. The other Cellphone Bandit who robbed a bank in Georgia? To the best of our knowledge: still at large.

[Via The Wireless Weblog, thanks to everyone who sent this in]

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