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Klegg Mini, "world's smallest" color-screen digital audio player

Marc Perton

klegg mini

It's been a while since we've seen a new challenger for that coveted "world's smallest digital audio player" prize (currently something of a tossup between the MobiBlu DAH-1500 and the BenQ Joybee 102), so we're amped to see that a company called Klegg Electronics has joined the battle with the Klegg Mini, which the company claims is the smallest player to include a color display. The player measures just 1.8 x 1.6 x 0.5 inches, and includes a a 1-inch, 128x128, 4,096-color display. Memory is a little on the skimpy side, maxing out at just 512MB, and the specs don't list any DRM support. Still, it looks like this is the smallest color-display player, for now. Give it a few weeks, and someone will come up with something smaller, or add video to a player this size.

Update: This just in from the DAP Bureau of Weights and Measures: According to Anything But iPod, the Klegg Mini is not the smallest color-screen player. ABi did the math and declared that the MPIO ONE clocks in at 21.1 cubic centimeters, a full 7.3 ccs smaller than the Klegg's massive 28.4 cubic centimeters. We doubt this revelation will stop Klegg from boasting about the Mini's size, which is probably fine, since no one's really going to buy it anyhow.

[Via I4U News]

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