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Ogo is back, Swiss-style

Evan Blass

We must have been extra good this year, because first FOX wowed us by bringing back Family Guy, and now IXI Mobile has found a new carrier to resuscitate its much-maligned and goofily-named (but fun to mock) Ogo instant messaging handheld. We had heard that IXI was seeking foreign support for the phoneless Ogo after Cingular ignored and then finally dropped the device following the AT&T acquisition, and now it seems that Switzerland's Swisscom will attempt to find Ogo the fanbase that it never developed in the US. Swisscom cited recent polls which showed that the average Swiss citizen spends 12 hours a month logged into MSN Messenger to justify their push into IM, which besides email, is the only real function of the Ogo. In order to draw in its youth-oriented target audience, Swisscom is offering the Ogo for only $37, and is also temporarily waiving the $14/month subscription fee.

[Via textually and Wireless Week]

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