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HDFest film festival coming soon

Kevin C. Tofel

If you're in to digital and high-definition feature films and Los Angeles isn't too far for you, mark your calendar for December 1st to the 5th. That's when HDFest kicks off on the West Coast. Some of the high definition screenings will include Los Angeles Premieres of Stephen Tobolowsky's Birthday Party, directed by Robert Brinkmann, and 2B Perfectly Honest, written and directed by Randel Cole.

In addition to the high def movies, there will be panels and discussions on the digital film industry and digital equipment. Intel is sponsoring the show, but there's no mention of who's responsible for all of the popcorn for the movies; it's probably BYOP. Our digital siblings over at DVGuru tipped us off on HDFest yesterday, so go check 'em out for more digital video pleasures! [No, not those kind!]


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