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Networks allay advertisers' fears of the almighty DVR

Ryan Block, @ryan

So the biggies — ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC, UPN, and WB — got together yesterday in New York to confer on where the TV ad industry was going with special respect given the ever-disruptive DVR. When we first caught wind of the conference we thought it was going to be a TiVo-bash-a-thon, but hoped for the best: some ideas on how to make advertising work in the new era of digital video. But it turns out the networks just did some song and dance on the basic admissions of facts and fessed up to the reality that consumer friendliness — time-shifting broadcasts and optional skipping of commercials — is actually increasing viewership. But the positivist bits they parlayed in there about ad-awareness levels seemed a little unrealistic, and no solutions were presented about the future of advertising in a fast-forwarded world. But that's ok, mild distribution partnerships and expensive gimmicks ought to be enough to get 'em through the interim, right? Right?

[Via THDC]

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