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Creative's new Zen Neeon players go flash


Creative Zen Neeon flash

Creative is pumping out a new line of their Zen Neeon, this time outfitted with lower capacity flash, maybe to compete with the Nano — but since they don't offer a 4GB option and no color screens are in sight, it looks like they'll have to wait 'till next time to play with the big boys. A hard-drive based option is still hanging around, now bumped up to 6GB and offering up 7 selectable backlight colors, but only has a 16 hour battery. The flash players, coming in 512MB, 1GB, and 2GB flavors, feature feature a 2 color OLED display and double your fun with 32 hours of battery. Everybody is bringing FM radio, voice recording, and line-in capabilities to the party, and the prices that range from $122 to $205 for the flash players and $216 for the 6GB HD player. Of course, the real story here is the new decorative skins — nothing like some random Japanese art to keep us coming back, Creative!

[Via Hardware Zone]

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