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Our sweet screen setup

Dan Choi

A back-to-front view of the screen on the wall
As seen in our last post regarding our sweet speaker setup, we've got what appears to be a screen of some sort on the wall where we've run our projector before. Chris went ahead and painted a projector screen on the wall with reflective white ceiling paint.

We had to do something to increase the contrast of the projected image, so we chose phosphorus-containing paint (which cost a whopping nine bucks) to better see our games during the day. Contrast this to the $160 treatment required by the more high-end projector goop recommended online.

The equally costly painter's tape (as compared to our cheap paint supplies) may go on the wall again if we deem such a border necessary, but this is what we have up now. Note the border between the area covered with two coats versus the surrounding area that was not painted over. You can see a few more close-ups of the divided areas below after the jump.

Border on the screen - first angle
Border on the screen - second angle

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