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"The Ball" wireless trackball from Chwang Yi

Wireless Trackball

What's with everyone hating on wires these days? Sure, we love our wireless headsets, and WiFi allows us to telecommute from bed, but what's the point of having a Bluetooth trackball? The whole point of the trackball in the first place was to alleviate the movements associated with mousing; trackballs by their very nature are designed to remain stationary. Nonetheless, input device manufacturer Chwang Yi has spent three years researching user ergonomics to come up with "The Ball," a smallish Mac and Windows-friendly Bluetooth trackball that claims to be more comfortable than previous iterations of a device that never really took off. For $69, you can preorder The Ball and see what all the fuss is about; the first 500 orders will ship by December 5th, the second 500 by the 15th, and if more than 1000 people order one, well, Chwang Yi will cross that bridge when they get there.

[Via The Wireless Weblog]

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