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Sony replaces XCP CDs, and throws in some MP3s as well

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You've gotta give Sony some credit for finally coming clean on the whole rootkit issue. Well, really, you don't have to give Sony credit for a darn thing, but Sony wants to give you some stuff if you were unfortunate enough to purchase one of their XCP coded CDs. First off they'll ship you a DRM-free CD (just like mama used to make) to replace your current rootkit laden copy, and they'll pay for postage both ways. But since that'll take a few weeks, they're also offering up an authorization code when you submit for the replacement disc, allowing MP3 downloads of the album to give you something to listen to in the interim. No word on the bitrate for these files, but we're not expecting any DRM since there isn't really a way to copy-protect an MP3 without disabling playback in current players, and we're guessing that they really don't want to go there. For now.

[Via TechDirt]

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