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LG to double plasma production by '07

Matt Burns

LG: Life’s Good. Life sure is better at LG then at Pioneer. LG is aiming to double their plasma production process by 2007. This announcement is coming just weeks after Pioneer decided to shutdown two production lines, slowing their plasma capacity by 1/3. LG is currently the worlds number two makers of plasma televisions and it seems as if they feel they can hold that title for sometime. The key to their plan is not to build new plants but rather upgrade their current production lines with new technology to raise output.

LG is shooting for Samsung, the worlds number one plasma maker, with this announcement. It seems to me that they just want the title of "producing the most," rather then "selling the best." They do make nice products and have I have used their cell phones for sometime now. But I have not had any encounters with their plasmas. In fact, I do not know of anyone with an LG plasma. Has anyone had any experience, good or bad, with LG's plasmas?


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