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Mosquito killers to go WiFi

Marc Perton

mosquito magnetMosquito-eradication systems, such as the SkeeterVac and Mosquito Magnet, are huge hits with homeowners, given their ability to wipe out thousands of mosquitoes with simple, deadly precision. Now American Biophysics, maker of the Mosquito Magnet, is adding a new feature to the device: WiFi networking. The idea is that institutional users of the Magnet might want to network several of the devices to create larger mosquito-free zones. Via WiFi, the units can be monitored, enabling an administrator to determine how effective they are, and whether the collection bags or propane fuel need to be replaced. Those latter tasks, unfortunately, can't be done remotely, so as high-tech as this may sound, someone still has to check on the machines manually and scoop out the bug carcasses or replace the fuel.

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