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Brillian to make sure it's HDTV customers are well adjusted


Ok, ok  ok, maybe you don't have time or the skill to make sure your HDTV set is working at it's absolute best. It's not that we didn't try to tell you, but not everyone listens. Brillian wants to make sure everyone who has one of their high definition TV's is completely satisfied with what they get and are set for the absolute best image possible.

That's why if you buy one of their TV's you can expect a visit from an ISF-certified professional to make sure it is calibrated at your house for your viewing pleasure. They will check out the lighting, room dimensions etc. and configure the TV appropriately, probably a little better than you could do with a Toy Story 2 DVD. I'm all five this, because if you're spending the cash on a 720p or 1080p you should definitely have it set up properly, and while I'm sure no HD Beat readers would ever commit such a transgression, the average customer doesn't always know better. Any Brillian owners can call or e-mail the company to set up an appointment.


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