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Cisco & Scientific Atlanta: HDTV to your router?


In case you hadn't heard, networking giant Cisco recently bought cable TV set-top box manufacturer Scientific Atlanta. This is big news, especially because it gives Cisco a major in when it comes to the emerging IPTV market. That alone brings many considerations for us the viewers, because so far the rollout has been somewhat slow but if they can get their end-to-end solutions going, maybe the technology will be here sooner than we think.

I'm wondering if this makes it more likely that my future cable box will network with my 802.11n router (whenever they decide on a standard). Next generation routers should have enough bandwidth to pump HDTV around the house wirelessly, and while my cable boxes now have ethernet ports on them, they don't do anything. Here's hoping that will change, what do you think about this new joining of companies?


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