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Firefly cellphone for kids

Cingular Firefly

Tweens long to roam and parents are skittish — an axiom as certain as grandma's little problem with the nog we choose not to talk about. The Firefly cellphone for kids is ideal for young'un requests to "stay just a little bit longer" and for your thinly veiled inquiries into their safety, "We're just wondering if you wanted to use a fork with dinner tonight?" Your tots will love having a big-boy-phone all their own with enough flashing lights, colors, animations, ringtones and accessories to develop their own unique sense of consumer identity. You'll dig on those big fat mommy and daddy buttons up front which you can swap if papa just happens to look real sweet in floor-length taffeta and dedicated 911 button on the side which must be held for 3 seconds (and then confirmed) for emergencies. A parental PIN allows you to populate the phone book with up to 20 numbers your little smoochies can dial and call-screening can then be enabled to reject any unknown numbers. Cingular carries 'em for less than $50 so why not slap a ribbon on a new FireFly this Yule and bring yourself some peace whenever junior is set afloat across the ether.

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