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Acer's slider hinged C200 Tablet PCs are here


Acer C200 better

Acer is releasing in the US their C200 series we mentioned a while ago, so here are some more specs and a picture of this oddly hinged Tablet PC. First off, the portable runs off a Pentium M 760 at 2.0 GHz, sports 1GB of Ram, a 100GB HD, a 12.1-inch XGA screen, and a DVD+/-RW drive, along with the fingerprint reader we mentioned before. They're quoting the battery life at 5 hours, and are offering WiFi, Gigabit Ethernet, and Bluetooth for connectivity. That's the C204TMi model, which retails for $1900, they are also offering the lower end C203ETCi that drops the processor to a Celeron M 370 at 1.5GHz, halves the RAM, goes 80GB for the HD, and loses the DVD burning for a combo drive. The GeForce Go 6200 graphics of its older brother are also gone, with integrated Intel acceleration in their place. You can nab that one for $1400, and why not? We know you're just going to get this to complete you collection of expensive, oddly hinged items that never really took off. Though we're kind of liking this form factor, in looks at least.


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