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Bang! Untelevised Xbox 360 ad hits the web

Dan Choi

Xbox 360 stand-off adThe untelevised Zero Hour ad for the 360 has been spread on the web, and you can now check it out via mirror and torrent thanks to our good friends at AdJab. (Dedicated Microsoft/IE users used to be able to view the original video on MSN here, but it's gone now.)

Since our Xbox360fanboy buddies covered the ad, we figured that we should cover it, too. (Okay, that's not the best reason, but it's a good excuse.) Now that server/torrent issues have been remedied, everyone can get their game on and jump in, whether at the train station or out on the streets.

The playful background tune for the commercial was apparently covered by one Joe Jackson. [Thanks, Dmnkly!] Just note that the video seems to look a little better at half its current size, but feel free to skip that zoom-out if you prefer the bigger-screen version.

[Thanks, Tom, Shizzle, and Kiel]

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