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How to fix your overheating 360

Ryan Block

Xbox PS box

Sure, if your Xbox 360 is crashing you could call up Microsoft tech support and get your new toy repaired or replaced — or you could take design flaws matters into your own hands and source out the root of the problem. And according to one Gamespot forumsgoer, apparently what's causing these overheating Xbox 360 crashes isn't the Xbox itself, but rather that monstrous power supply. So what's a gamer to do? Increase the airflow over the thing by getting it up off the floor, and suspending it in the air with string — or if you're not feeling like making a trapeze act out out of the thing, stick it on an open box so it can better emanate heat. Apparently this has been doing some good, but hey, remember that if it can't sit on the ground as intended, it's defective, so make sure you call 'em up and get it sorted!

[Via Xbox 360 Fanboy]

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