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Bluetooth to adopt Ultra Wideband in 2007

Ryan Block, @ryan
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Way back in May we heard the first rumblings of discussions between the Bluetooth SIG and Ultra Wideband proprietors about merging the two standards — well, looks like Bluetooth's pulling the trigger on it, and will be updating their product roadmap to reflect the pairing (pun oh so intended), so that by Q3 2007 Bluetooth should have prototype UWB compatible BT cores a-cookin'. But there are still kinks to be worked out, namely that the two Ultra Wideband heavy hitters — the WiMedia Alliance and UWB Forum — have yet to come together and proceed with a single UWB standard, making the whole thing increasingly sticky for a third party like the Bluetooth SIG to step in and try to adopt the technology. Still, we can totally understand that another couple hundred megabits per second on top of Bluetooth 2.0's 2.1mbps must have been mighty tantalizing, kinks and all.

[Via TUBW]

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