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Sidekick III product roadmap revealed?

Peter Rojas

Sidekick roadmap

Not sure where it was taken or if this is even legit, but supposedly someone out there sneakily snapped this pic of T-Mobile's Sidekick roadmap, possibly revealing that they're planning to introduce a music-centric Sidekick III in April of next year and a second version with support for UMA (aka Unlicensed Mobile Access, a standard for seamlessly roaming back and forth between GSM cellular and WiFi networks — it sounds like T-Mob might be taking advantage of all their hotspots) in September of 2006, with Sidekick III limited editions to follow a month later (just like how they intro'd two limited edition versions of the Sidekick II last month). The next Sidekick after that, which is supposedly code-named the "Sidekick NG", is listed as being set to drop in June of 2007. The Sidekick NG will supposedly have support for music, video, and UMA, but what's really baffling us is that there's also mention of the word "RAZR" in there. Is Danger fixing to come out with a more RAZR-styled Sidekick? Or is this proof that this is a fake?

[Thanks to everyone who sent this one in]

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