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PeriBorg devices merge man, machine, marketing gimmicks

Marc Perton


We're not sure what to make of a company that makes wrist-mounted joysticks, a single-hand fork/spoon combo and an LCD armband, except — hey, we're with you! PeriBorg (as in "peripheral cyborg") is a line of products from Japan that attempt to make interacting with your computer, the world, and, yes, your food, a little easier, through a range of techniques that look like they were inspired by Sid's misfit toys. The PB-001 is a dedicated firing button for gaming; strap the base to your wrist, slip a cuff over your finger, and you've got instant firing power. Want to grab a bite while playing without having to get your hands dirty? The PB-002 is a clip on fork and spoon designed to be attached to the back of your hand, letting you grab a pack of dried squid without dropping the joystick. And if you're forced to communicate with the outside world while gaming, try on the PB-004 electric armband, which can convey any message you want while your hands and mouth are kept busy with the other tools. Will these ever be available outside of Japan? We're not even sure if they're available outside of the tortured minds of the designers at PeriBorg, but we're ready and willing to give them a try if they should show up in any retail channels.

[Via The Ferret]

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