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Think of a new name for iPodderX


The folks at iPodderX need to change their application's name (to one that doesn't include the word "pod," thanks to cranky Apple), and they've left you in charge. They're currently running a contest to that end, and they're after something that conveys, "...we do more than podcasting." iPodderX is one of the first, and still one of the best, podcast/feed readers. You may submit as many brilliant product names as you can muster. The Grand Prize winner will receive:

  • iPod video 30GB
  • Custom iPod Case
  • $50 iTunes Gift Card
  • Ultimate Ears Hi.5 Pro
  • Griffin RoadTrip
  • Griffin TuneJuice
  • Griffin iFM
As Jeff Probst would say, "Is that worth playing for?" Oh, yes. I could not find a submission deadline listed, so hop to it.

[Via Podcasting News]


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