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TUAW Poll: Would you buy a media center Mac mini?


Considering the rumors that are swirling about today regarding an Intel-based, media center Mac mini, I got to thinking: Would you buy one of these things? ThinkSecret has made it sound extremely appealing: FrontRow 2.0, TiVo-like functionality, a built-in iPod dock and a similar price point...what's not to love? If Steve whipped one of these out of his pocket at Macworld in January, priced in the $500 - $600US range, I'd have to hide my credit card on myself.

So, TUAWers, what do you think? Take the poll, and we'll post the results tomorrow.

Would you buy a media center mini?
Can I preorder now?
As soon as I see one
I'll wait for reviews
I doubt it
Not on your life
I love polls about fictional hardware


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