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Using buzz to deter youth attention

Ryan Block, @ryan

No, not that kind of buzz — Welshman Howard Stapleton (who happens to bear a striking resemblance to what could only be the lovechild of Kevin Bacon and David Bowie) claims to have built every 7-11 clerk's dream device: dubbed the Mosquito, it supposedly emits a high-frequency pulsing noise that can supposedly only be heard by most people younger than 20 (and by nary a person older than 30). If true, this would be effective at keeping at bay all those pesky wayward kids, the ones always hanging out outside convenience stores the world over, panhandling or bumming cigarettes or asking you to buy 'em a beer or something. We remain skeptical of such a perfect teen-off device (or its averse affects on the right kind of teens who need to, say, buy some gas or cheetos), but it may yet be necessary for us to keep one handy for the teeming hordes of adoring, impressionable youth that mob us when we walk the streets of New York.

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