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Tivoli Audio iSongBook reviewed

Marc Perton

tivoli iSongBook

At $330, the Tivoli Audio iSongBook may be one of the most expensive ways to integrate your iPod into a home entertainment system, but you do get great sound for that price. That's the conclusion reached by Playlist, which reviewed the iSongBook, which also includes an AM/FM clock radio. The review found the iSongBook to produce "excellent" sound, accomplished in part by a detachable speaker, allowing a separation of up to six feet between the system's two speakers. The review also cited the iSongBook's solid AM/FM radio, good battery life, and a good (though "quirky") remote. The reviewer also paid the iSongBook the ultimate compliment: he said that, despite the high price, it's the speaker system he'll buy for himself (glad to know he's not accepting a freebie!).

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