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Almost twenty things to do with a Mac mini


Granted, with all the software available for the Mac (over 10,000) you can do just about anything with your Mac. But the mini can go some places a full-size Mac dare not go. Therefore, I present to you, almost twenty things you can do with your Mac mini. Here's hoping we all get one for a [insert your calendar-based holiday gifting preference here] present. Wait, you're not holding out for the new mini in January are you?

  1. Mount it on the wall
  2. Mount it in your car (examples here, here, and here)
  3. Use it as a Media Center (a few people are doing this, with more here)
  4. Make it into a robot (did anyone finish translating this?)
  5. Make it into a robot that can drive your car (OK, so it takes 4)
  6. Use it as a touchable stereo (or use it as a plain stereo, but either way you can use it as an alarm clock)
  7. Use it as a server
  8. Put Linux on it
  9. Take it apart
  10. Control it remotely via your Newton
  11. Turn it into a MAME cabinet
  12. Use it for toilet paper storage
  13. Strap it to the subway
  14. Cram it inside the Millenium Falcon
  15. Control your house
  16. Run your business (using iWork, Office, and PhoneValet)
  17. Paint it
  18. Paperweight (does this need a link? feel free to post your Flickr picks of the mini in action here— or inaction as it were)
  19. Calculator
So what other uses (aside from a computer, duh) can you think of?

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