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Poll: Is Firmware 2.6 buggy for you?


PSP Fanboy reader Ryan writes in asking if the 2.6 firmware has some bugs. He notes, "I installed it just fine and then added the wma support which seemed to go just fine. I transferred a bunch of wma songs over as i have done many times with the mp3 format. The songs play fine until you try to skip forward (cue) through a song. Doing this seems to immediately lock up the PSP. The only way to stop it is forcing a restart buy holding the power switch off for a good 7-8 seconds till it powers off or to remove the battery. Then you restart. I was able to repeat this 'lock up' every time and on different songs in different folders."

Has anybody else seen this? What about any other bugs since the firmware update? I've had the Browser crash on me not once, but three different times when I was trying to load Yahoo!'s podcasting service to grab a few items for RSS Channel. This wasn't a light crash either. Each time, my entire PSP rebooted. Not cool.


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