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Skullcandy MacGyver MP3 Watch with voice recorder

Evan Blass
skullcandy macguyver mp3 watch

We first spotted the Memory Music MP3 watch from Austrian manufacturer Laks about a year-and-a-half ago, when at the time its capacities ranged from a paltry 32MB to a barely-acceptable 256MB. Now a rebranded version from Skullcandy has appeared, the maybe-mislabled MacGyver MP3 Watch (MacGyver is rocking Bluetoothed tunes from his smartphone, not tethering his ears to his wrist) that has bumped the storage up significantly, maxing out at 1GB. As usual with these devices, the MacGyver has an integrated USB cord and can act as a storage drive, but the addition of voice recording is a nice touch that you don't always see. Available in either black or silver, prices range from $170 for 256MB to $300 for the gig, although Skullcandy claims to offer a 128MB model that for some reason isn't available for purchase.

[Via Uber-Review]

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