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Get out of your cellphone contract by "sub-leasing"

Evan Blass
verizon dude

Aside from assuming a new identity or moving out of the country (or both), there are few options for people wanting to switch cellphone service providers in the middle of a contract other than shelling out around $200. A company called CellTradeUSA thinks they have the solution to this problem, in the form of a website where people post their remaining contract obligations to be "leased" by someone else (they will also begin offering advertiser-sponsored contests wherein they will buyout your contract for you). Usually the person pawning off the contract will throw in a free phone as well as some accessories to sweeten the deal, although most carriers require a credit check before this type of switch is allowed, so not all bidders will end up being eligible. Now, while we're on the subject, does anyone know any other legal ways to avoid that ugly early termination fee?

[Via thewirelessweblog]

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