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Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time Interview


Having just been released on the DS, Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time is looking to be an exceptionally enjoyable follow-up to the GBA's Superstar Saga. Apart from the great union between platforming and RPG elements, a common thread of quality between the two games has been the witty and self-referential writing. MTV (yes, that MTV) has posted up a rather interesting article and interview with the script writer for both titles, Nate Bihldorff. It details some of his influences, inspirations, his love for writing dialogue for villains and some truly amusing moments from the games.

Several hours into the game, a character implores Mario to save Princess Peach. "You will save her, won't you?" he says. "I assure you she is not in another castle."

Now that's funny.

[via 4 Color Rebellion]

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