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Sirius S50 has been (siriusly) crippled by the RIAA

Sirius S50

The small and sexy Sirius S50 had so much going for it: a claimed 50 hours of audio storage, scheduled digital recordings, and some sweet looks. Unfortunately it seems to have been cut down in the prime of life by an overbearing RIAA that has limited the player to 20 scheduled recordings, each a maximum length of two hours. They also cut out scheduling for music recordings, which aren't allowed to be grouped together, i.e. one song per recording. This puts the $360 player's capabilities, as far as music recordings go, a bit lower than the level of a cassette tape. You of course can load your own MP3s on to it, but you're going to be hard pressed to get 50 hours of Sirius content on here.


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