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Give the gift of Steve Jobs on a wall


Well CafePress wouldn't let me make t-shirts out of his image (something about him not being a public figure), so here's a poster of "Steve Jobs has a posse" for your wall. Obviously this is a rip-off of the classic "Andre the Giant has a posse." Click here to download the PDF. It's a 56-page document with the poster carved into pieces. Once assembled, you'll have Steve looking down on you from a 5x7 foot (approximately) wall mural. I created the mural using the Rasterbator, which was mentioned on Downloadsquad yesterday. Sadly, the Rasterbator gallery isn't Safari compatible— I always love it when lazy web developers break something as simple as image viewing, don't you? It's worth a look though, so drop into Firefox and give a peek.

And before you print, the pages are set to extend all the way to the margins, so if your printer is like most printers, you'll need to change the page scaling to "Fit Printer Margins" or some such. This will shrink each page just enough to fit in the printable area of your printer. Also be aware this is a LOT of black ink. I'd suggest a laser printer if possible. You'll have to cut off the margins, although you can leave them on and make an interesting design as well. Grab your glue and scissors, and get crafty before the lawyers descend.

UPDATE: As per requests, you can grab the big PNG here. It's the non-Rasterbatored version and is 1.3 MB.


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