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Treo 700w turns up on Verizon's website

Peter Rojas
Treo 700w

Look, we all knew that the first Windows Mobile-powered Treo was going to be called the Treo 700w, but for some reason no one at Palm, Microsoft, or Verizon would actually go on record and admit that that was the name. Why? We're not really sure, maybe they wTreo 700w on Verizon Wirelessanted to have some flexibility to change the name at the last second or something, but either way, the new smartphone has just made a cameo appearance on Verizon's website and it's officially listed as the "Treo 700w". No other details available, other than that it's "Coming Soon!" (there's also a link to a teaser page that doesn't work yet), but as a far as we know this one's still set to drop early next year.

[Thanks, Sammy at Palm Addict]

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