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e-nuvo2 educational nuvo legs

Evan Blass

At over five grand, not everyone can afford to buy his/her very own nuvo humanoid robot companion, but luckily nuvo manufacturer ZMP is releasing half-a-nuvo targeted at academic institutions, so at least the little ones have a chance of getting their nuvo-on if only temporarily. The e-nuvo2 is a stripped-down version of the original toy, minus the head and torso, suitable for teaching youngsters to program the bots that will one day oversee them as they toil in the silicon mines. The technology behind the motors is the same as in both the nuvo and Pino models, which supposedly allows for more fluid movement than servo-based designs, and users can get pretty in-depth with their tweaking as the software allows you to import C++ programs. Although no pricing is readily apparent, we somehow doubt that even though you get only half of a nuvo that this will cost only half of the original's retail price.

[Via GoRobotics]

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