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Is you or is you ain't my (50gb) baby?


I just don't know what to think anymore. First Microsoft claims Blu-ray's 50GB is hardly a sure thing and probably way off if they are, and then HP shot back that that is a lie and simple FUD-spreading.

Now, just as we find out they are delayed until the second half of 2006, Forbes mentions that Matsushita is ready to begin mass producing 50GB dual layer discs. They also mention that Matsushita is already mass producing single layer discs and will make them commercially available "soon". Since they have had production lines up and running since October, it's fully possible someone saw them at that time, but it unfortunately doesn't mean we can expect the full Blu-ray experience early in 2006. Oh well, launching new technology can always be problematic, Microsoft should know that as well as anyone.


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