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Kojima says DS needs a spanking simulator


We know Kojima is known for some creative ideas (Boktai comes to mind) and some crazy ones (does anyone remember what MGS2 was about) but this one might be the perfect combination of the two. Gamebrink's correspondent in Kyoto at the recent Digital Interactive Entertainment Conference said, "The only interesting thing to come out of it was Kojima talking about wanting to make a game with the DS where you used the controller to spank girls asses… at least that's what I THINK he said!"

There you have it. Faulty translation or a new candidate for strangest game of the year? Don't worry about it panty-shot fighting game, 'cause you're here now and that's all that matters.

[UPDATE: We have requested clarification from Konami on the comment, whether it was said in jest or not said at all. We receieve a lot of phoney tips, this one even proclaiming its dubiousness, but the possibilities of the Revolution controller or the DS touch-screen lend themselves perfectly to this kind of brainstorming, be it facetious or not.]

[Thanks, Timmeh]

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