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The Neuros 442 PMP reviewed by Pocketnow


Neuros 442

Pocketnow just posted their rather lukewarm review of the Linux-based Neuros 442 PMP. On the plus they liked the "very smooth" video playback and video recording capabilities supported by the un-specified onboard dual-core processor as well as the ability to plug the 442 into any A/V source via line-in/out jacks. However, they "really disliked" the rudimentary interface for playing audio especially given the polished home page with plenty of sharp, animated transitions and "attractive artwork." However, good luck getting there — the player lacks a "home" button so you must page back via the back button over, and over, and over, and… To make matters worse, the player lacks the ability to multitask so don't even think about navigating around this PMP's menus or viewing photos while listening to music. Their bottom line: the 442 is "great stuff" for watching video on the go and that's about it. Ours: you can do better.

[Thanks, Brandon Miniman]

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