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D-Link's DSM-120 MediaLounge wireless music player

D-Link DSM-120

D-Link has busted out a nice bunch of wireless music players in the past, and though they're not really breaking any new ground with their DSM-120, at least they're keeping the goods coming. The main story here is the versatility of the device, rocking internet radio and PC-stored music over WiFi, supporting external USB storage, and sporting room for an optional internal 2.5-inch HDD. You can pump the tunes out with a mini jack, optical audio out, or composite audio, and the device can even handle those pesky WMA DRM files, Napster/Rhapsody/generic downloaders of the world rejoice! It's not shipping for quite the bargain basement D-Link is known for — at $229 it's probably time to start thinking about devices that include storage.

[Via eHomeUpgrade]

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