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iTMS $1.99 price point shifting with new shows


In case you missed David's earlier post, there are some new shows on the iTMS, and along with them there would appear to be a bit more wiggle room with the pricing.

Conan O'Brien is expensive! $27.94 for 6 episodes. That's much more expensive than the $1.99 we're used to paying for each download from the video section of the iTMS. The kicker? Only 2 of those episodes are longer than 15 minutes in length. The just over an hour long 10th Anniversary Special runs $9.99, as does The Best of Triumph the Insult Comic Dog. Too high of a price point if you ask me. And $1.99 for under 15 minute clips?

Come on, Conan / NBC. You're not a music video, and you're not a Pixar short. Give us full, hour long episodes for $1.99 like everyone else, please. We're not buying at this price.


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