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MPIO ONE tiny PMP reviewed

Marc Perton

MPIO ONEIs the ability to display video on a minuscule 96x64, 1-inch OLED display something to brag about?
That's the most unique feature of the MPIO ONE, a flash-based player that includes most of the other standard audio playback features, along with the ability to play video converted from most common formats including DivX and XviD. Anything But iPod's EnzoTen took a look at it and gave the video playback a ringing endorsement, declaring it "not as bad as I had thought." The review goes on to say that the video quality is good enough for "comfortable" viewing on plane flights, despite some minor bugs that include persistent display of track info on the screen. Beyond the video functions, the review found the ONE to be a "very solid" flash-based player, with good audio playback, and a good package of bundled accessories.

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